This is the secret 

Inside our products, you have the scent of the air, the colors, and the history of the places of origin. Ancient artisanal knowledge combined with technological innovation.

For this reason, our products are unique, as they represent the wide range of Italian specialties bringing warmth to your table every day

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

The vast variety of Italian regional flavors, at your table

Our products are unique because they bring the best from the variety of Italian flavors: a wide range of products with exceptional and reliable quality, which represent the span of Italian gastronomic culture, with ample diversity of top quality ingredients, recipes, and authentic flavors that deserve to be discovered.

What makes us special

Product Range

No other player in the market offers such a substantial range of products, with the ability to develop new products quickly and with consistent quality.

Experience in retail

Having roots in retail ourselves, we understand retail-specific problems, resolve them with speed, and continuously add value through our application of industry-specific knowledge.

Quality Process

Our high-quality standards are both stringent and consistent. 

Prior to entering the market, each of our products is approved by our 8-million strong discerning cooperative members