Meet the team

Our US team works in conjunction with the Italian Headquarter, bridging the gap between supply and demand.

Executive Team

Company team

Alberto Marrassini, CEO

With a multi-year experience in international trading, Alberto is the driving force behind the Company. Focused on making things happen fast, Alberto is continuously pursuing innovation and driving improvement within the organization.

Company team

Giovanni Grimaldi, COO

Giovanni thrives on the exciting and unique challenges that food distribution presents. With more than 10 years experience in the US food distribution, Giovanni's natural approach to problem-solving allows him to drive the operations to deliver exemplary service to our customers .

Operational Teams

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Quality and Product Development Team (Italy)

A 40 people Quality Assurance and Product Development team safeguards your business at the heart of the production, in Italy. With over 50 years of experience in private label development, we have a robust supplier network, buying power and established processes necessary to deliver quality products.

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Commercial Team (US)

With a vast portfolio of products we have the ability to leverage the size of our company for maximum buying power. Our commercial team focuses on category management, sales, and operations to bring products to the destination market.

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Logistic and Fulfillment Team (Italy, US)

Our dedicated order management and logistic team follow the order lifecycle. Shipments are handled by our Italian team, while our US team manages the importation process, storage in our warehouses, and delivery to the customers.

Company Culture

Collaborative Leadership

Working with different countries and cross-functional teams requires a collaborative management style, which helps us to get active and efficient results. We invest time to build relationships, constructively handle conflicts and share company objectives. Most importantly, we ask feedback to our staff.

At Coop Italian Food, everyone actively contributes to the growth and improvement of the company.

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