Chocolate Pudding Mix (160 G)

Chocolate Pudding Mix (160 G)

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    Fior Fiore invites you to try our traditional recipe that dates back to 1939. Our recipe is a tribute to the traditional snack that’s simple and nutritious, with an intense chocolate flavour and a thick texture. For adults, this chocolate pudding is perfect with the addition of shaved orange rind or a teaspoon of instant coffee, rum or Baileys. The chocolate pudding can be divided into single portions or poured into one large mould. It can be served plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar and garnished with a dollop of whipped cream and a blackberry. Good with any type of milk, it can also be prepared with non-dairy milk substitutes (such as soy or almond milk) and sweetened to taste with any type of sugar or sweetener.